FNH 5610S Tractor for sale  (5610S quick info)

The Bremmer Cattle Company features Red Poll Cattle, and cattle equipment from Sioux Steel and Powder River.  Our products include grass-fed Red Poll beef and our signature Cow Kit.


The Cow Kit is for those who know little to nothing about raising large livestock but are nervous about the economy.  If you’ve shied away from raising cattle for meat and dairy self-sufficiency because the task looks too daunting, this kit might be for you.  It can be an important component in your family’s self-sufficiency and security plan.  Learn more about the Cow Kit.

One of the many fine attributes of the Red Poll is exceptionally healthy and flavorful beef.  Eventually we will have an on-line store for your ordering convenience but for now, call us about our inventory and prices.

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