FNH 5610S

1996 New Holland 5610S with Koyker 510 Loader.

 Full Information (slower load, more information)

The 5610S was built during the New Holland/Ford merger.  It is similar to the Ford 5610, but has a larger New Holland 4.4 liter/268 CID engine rather than the 4.2 liter, 256 CID Ford engine.  The hours are unknown – the tach was replaced sometime in the past.  Estimate 4-5000 based on old maintenance records. Starts easily down to 20F, complains a bit down to 10F, and starts easily below 10F with block heater.  Rear tires filled with RimGuard (“beet juice”) non-corrosive ballast.

Price:  $11,200.  Other 5610S models listed on-line range from $13,000 to $27,000 as of this writing. The lower priced model has less hours but no loader and no canopy.

The 5610S Owner/Operator manual, a New Holland 5610S Product Description in PDF on CD-ROM, and recent maintenance information goes with the tractor.

I have a four tine hay bale fork (pictured above) that fits the loader quick attach mechanism.  I plan to modify it to fit my new tractor, but will consider selling it for $550 (price of materials to build a new one).

Key Tractor Specs:
5610S Engine:                    5610 Engine (for comparison)
     4.4L 4-cyl diesel           4.2L 4-cyl diesel
     78.7 hp                     72 hp
     PTO (claimed): 66 hp        62 hp
 Weight: 5995 lbs. + 1000 lbs ballast (RimGuard = non-corrosive “beet juice”) in rear tires = 7000 lbs.
PTO: independent, 540 RMP
Remotes: 2
Pump flow: 9.7 gpm [36.7 lpm]


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